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Personnel & Fire Doors

We have recently developed an arrangement with Horton Automatics in Telford, who manufacture automatic entrance solutions for high-profile personnel entrances, such as hotels, hospitals, banks, offices and commercial premises.
As part of our partnership with Horton’s, we promote their exceptional range of products for personnel exits and entrances and additionally install them alongside our own products. Horton’s products are manufactured in glass, timber and stainless steel/aluminium frames.
Their range of products includes:
  • Swing doors;
  • Sliding doors;
  • Folding doors;
  • Revolving doors;
  • Fire doors;
  • Security doors;
  • And Emergency Exit doors.

Fire Doors

Fire prevention and safety are both of extreme importance in any setting, and it is particularly crucial for commercial and industrial structures to have a clear and accessible exit point for all employees. We are at the forefront of providing the highest standards of fire safety doors, ensuring the safety of all staff in the event of a fire.
At Mercia, we offer fire-resistant shutter doors on units of up to 7000mm x 7000mm, which have been successfully tested according to the Loss Prevention Council’s guidelines. All of our fire doors conform to the requirements of the BS 476: Part 22: 1987.
The fire doors that we install are usually in the Roller Shutter design or sing/bi-part sliding doors, all of which will be constructed from steel. An electrical alarm or fused link system is installed into every fire door and will be activated at a given temperature. This will cause the doors to automatically open or close depending on their environmental conditions, either providing a safe route out of the building or preventing the fire from spreading further.

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