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CALL US 24/7 ON 01902 608259

Test Service

As manufacturers and fitters of industrial doors, we are also capable of carrying out a comprehensive testing service on your industrial doors to ensure they meet regulations.

There are six pieces of legislation that most directly apply to industrial door supply and installation. The Construction Products Regulation 2011 (all doors) and Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 2008 (all powered doors) apply concurrently, with their origins in European legislation.

There are additional pieces of legislation that apply to the relevant building’s design, electrical safety, repair and maintenance. We are capable of carrying out testing services that adhere to all of the legislation listed above, as well as other various pieces of Health and Safety requirements that must be taken into account during the installation, servicing and repair processes.

Our Range Of Services

Our comprehensive knowledge of industrial doors and entryway systems allows us to provide a range of services that are required within this industry. From repairing industrial doors to completing statutory inspections, Mercia Industrial Doors are here to help at every step.

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