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Larger & Garage Doors

Larger Doors

We have worked in association with Jewers Doors for several years. World-renowned for industrial sliding and sliding-fold door solutions, Jewers Doors manufacture Esavian aircraft hangar doors and the Phoenix range of industrial sliding and folding doors, among many other projects. We promote and install their excellent products, including a number of doors for RAF aircraft hangars around the UK.
The range of products designed and produced by Jewers is not only limited to aircraft hangars, however. Their size and durability allow them to lend themselves to fire and ambulance emergency services stations, heliports, maritime and shipbuilder applications, as well as larger industrial applications.

Garage Doors

We offer a wide range of garage doors, from traditional manually-operated doors to insulated power-operated, remote-controlled doors. We have a wide range of colours to choose from, including timber effects, in order to make your garage door as personalised to your style as possible.
With our standard range covering single- and double-door garages, we also offer a bespoke design facility in order to best meet your specifications.

Ancillary Equipment

Alongside all of the door systems that we install, we also have a range of ancillary equipment that we can additionally install on your site for added security, including traffic vehicle barriers, security gates and security shutters.

Traffic Vehicle Barriers

In order to control the flow of traffic through your site, why not consider a swing arm-type barrier? With a span range of up to 9 metres, traffic vehicle barriers can be installed with manual or powered operation options. These are a relatively low-maintenance method for enforcing a stop-point for vehicles.
Barriers can be controlled either manually, which includes the assistance of counterbalance springs or weights, or through a variety of power-controlled systems. If you desire something more complex than a simple push-button system to raise the barrier, we can also offer the following: an induction loop; remote radio control; turnkey systems; card reader/swipe; token systems; keypad systems; and intercom systems.
Barriers can be fitted with additional extras, including partial or full skirts, hazard lights or stop signs.
The models that we currently install include:
  • the 6000HD-19 Automatic Barrier;
  • the 6000B-19 Automatic Barrier;
  • the 6000Lux-19 Automatic Barrier;
  • and the 6000S-19 Automatic Barrier.

Security Gates

If a barrier doesn’t provide you with enough security, or if you would prefer a larger, more durable solution, we can install various styles of security gates, all of which are made from steel. As part of our 9700 Swing Gate range, there are additional extras that can be installed to your gates, including razor wire extensions, anti-climb spikes and traffic lights.
Suitable for all applications, these can be manually-operated swing gates or can be power operated swing, cantilever-sliding or rail-mounted. As with traffic barriers, these gates can be operated through various means, including inductions loops, remote radio control, card readers and intercom systems.

Security Shutters

Designed to provide additional protection and security to industrial, commercial and private properties, these security shutters are generally manufactured from steel or aluminium laths. These shutters can be insulated against noise pollution and external temperature or weathers.
Fitted to the openings of buildings, such as the windows and doors, these security shutters can be designed for manual operation or can be power operated through a key, remote control or a push button.
With a range of colours and textures available, these shutters can be designed to suit most architectural

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