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Sectional Overhead Doors

Sectional Overhead Doors have become a popular alternative to the conventional Roller Shutter Door in the industrial and commercial sectors. With panels formed from aluminium or steel skin that surround a core typically 400mm-thick x 500-600mm-deep, Sectional Overhead Doors provide a higher rate of insulation. This insulation not only helps to regulate the temperature inside the building but also protects the internal environment from noise pollution.

There are several benefits of the Sectional Overhead Door that many have claimed make it superior to the Roller Shutter Door. Primarily, Sectional Overhead Doors offer superior resistance to weather conditions, protecting the internal environment from wind, rain and cold temperatures. With the smaller door or opening available for pedestrians, the whole door is only required to fully open for vehicles. This helps to keep warmth within the building, additionally saving on heating costs for the structure.

These doors are also considered to be more cosmetically attractive, with a variety of finishes available: aluminium, galvanised steel, coloured plastisol-coated steel and powder coating in a wide range of colours.

Whereas the curtain of the Roller Shutter is stored as a roll above the door when opened, Sectional Overhead doors have a solid curtain that follows a set of guides or tracks. These tracks will move the door either directly above the opening or to one side of the door, parallel to the wall. Similar to roller shutter doors, a counter-balanced spring system is usually employed. Sectional Overhead Doors can be manually operated (e.g. a hand chain system) or can be powered by a motorised unit.

Sectional Overhead Doors from Mercia were one of the first models of industrial doors to be fitted with a ‘safety edge system’, also known as a touch-sensitive bottom bar. Should the bottom of the door come into contact with an obstruction, the descent of the door will immediately stop. The door will return to its open position until further operation.

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