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Fast Acting Doors

As the world has become faster paced, the industry sector has not been an exception. In order to keep up with higher demand and shorter order times, industrial premises have been investing in fast-action doors. Not only do these doors save precious time during loading and unloading of goods and materials, but they will also preserve the heat within a building, reducing the operations costs for the company and improving their carbon footprint.

Fast Action or High-Speed doors generally operate at an estimated 1m per second travel speed. Designed from the base principal of the Roller Shutter door model, fast acting doors have curtains made from a single canvas or plastic-based sheet in order to be more flexible when moving at speed, such as when the curtain is wound onto and from the drum above the opening at high speed. A wide range of colours is available for these doors, including the option for transparent vision panels.

This design of door is not recommended as a stand-alone external door due to its susceptibility to high winds and its low level of security. It is therefore recommended to be installed alongside a conventional steel door if used externally, or as an internal door only. These doors are also typically limited to 6 metres x 6 metres to prevent the weight of the curtain affecting the speed of operation.

Due to the nature of their concept, fast acting doors are available by power-operated means only. We can install these doors with a counter-balance spring mechanism or a direct motor drive with an inverter control system.

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