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Automatic Doors

For sites and premises that experience frequent heavy traffic, automatic doors are particularly well-suited to meet their requirements for dynamic access and silent operation. Many business premises now also require an obligatory automatic door system in order to provide equal access and inclusivity for all members of the public.
Perfect for supermarkets, hotels, airports and hospitals, automatic doors have also seen an increase in installations in banks, chemists, post offices, restaurants and commercial offices.

EN 16005

All of our automatic door installations meet the EN 16005 regulations, which apply to all power-operated pedestrian doors and access systems used for regular access, escape routes or as fire resistance/smoke control door sets. We have followed these regulations since their publication in 2013 and continue to do so to the highest standard.
These regulations include a risk analysis conducted during the sales stage, clearly published manuals, a clearly outlined list of safety procedures, functions and products and regular maintenance by an approved technician.

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